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St. Anthony of Padua

More information and facts about St. Anthony
The early life of St. Anthony of Padua
St. Anthonys priesthood
More information and facts about St. Anthony
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By the end of St. Anthony's life crowds of more than 30,000 people would
gather to hear him preach

St. Anthony of Padua died on June 13, 1231

St. Anthony was cannonized on May 30, 1232 by pope Gregory IX

St. Anthony is the patron saint of against shipwrecks; against starvation; against starving; American Indians; amputees; animals; asses; barrenness; boatmen; Brazil; diocese of Beaumont, Texas; domestic animals; elderly people; expectant mothers; faith in the Blessed Sacrament; Ferrazzano, Italy; fishermen; harvests; horses; Lisbon, Portugal; lost articles; lower animals; mail; mariners; diocese of Masbate, Philippines; oppressed people; Padua, Italy; paupers; poor people; Portugal; pregnant women; sailors; seekers of lost articles; shipwrecks; starvation; starving people; sterility; swineherds; Tigua Indians; travel hostesses; travellers; watermen

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